Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Work

We worked on the house this weekend! There was some fun, too, though. We cleaned the house but we also watched some movies. Starting Friday, we went to New Moon. Saturday, while we were cleaning we watched a few movies, too. We watched Star Trek, the new movie, for the second time in a week. We also watched some other movies, but the main thing is, I think the new Star Trek has taken its place amongst its brethren.

The house is almost there. I think we will be ready for Thanksgiving Day and a whole mess of family. Cora did some cooking and food prep and I helped. We cleaned at the house, floors and more.

I rearranged one of the fish tanks a bit, in hopes of getting the smaller Skunk Clown to stop picking on my Maroon Clown. Most sources say that Maroons are pretty plucky, but mine must be a pacifist.

I managed to contact the son of a pilot that died in an aircraft crash. I am hoping to get more information from this man concerning his father. His father was a highly decorated pilot in Vietnam. I hope to write the article in the coming weeks.

I work in EV twice this week. I am looking forward to it! Hopefully, I can pick up another job this week.

Gypsy began limping around on Saturday morning. She won't put weight on her right back leg. She did not move much Saturday, but Sunday she began to move around a bit more. Still, Cora plans to take her in to the vet to figure out what's wrong. We all hope it will be something simple (and let me honest, CHEAP).

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