Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon

Do you think it is coincidence that the New Moon movie is out and the real moon can only be seen by the thinnest of crescents (i.e., new moon)?

It probably was not planned, but it is an interesting coincidence that I noticed. After work today, I sped to the cinema and purchased tickets for the new movie, New Moon. Another part of the Twilight series. I have not gotten into the series...for some reason it hasn't grabbed me like the Harry Potter books, nor, long before those, the Pern books, by Anne McCaffery. Still, I don't mind seeing the movies. Cora REALLY wants to see it, so I made my best effort to obtain some tickets. It seems, after the two I bought, the theater was left with only 10 tickets. I'd say I had decent timing. That was before 3pm, too.

So, we will go see that tonight. I don't feel like cleaning...I am tired and I m getting hungry...hope the wife comes home soon.

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