Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans' Day

A big Hearty THANKS to those of you who have served in our nation's armed forces! I personally have never been in the armed forces, but I have always been fascinated by the men and machines of the armed forces. I have many veterans in my family. My grandfather was in Korea, s was great uncle. A few of my own uncles have been in the military. I have had cousins in the military and several friends and co-workers. I seek veterans out in public (only those who wear hats upon their heads proclaiming such, i don't just walk up to guys and start asking them bout their military service, I have SOME tact.).

These men, their sacrifices, and their exploits should never be forgotten. That is one of the reasons I run my other blog. When possible, I enjoy a personal anecdote. I have consulted with veterans from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and the Gulf Wars. I have learned much about the human condition from these men. I remember several of their stories. There was man that was a pilot in an EC-121 Warning Star that drilled holes in the sky just off the cost of North Vietnam while men in the back directed air traffic over that foreign land. I remember the man who rode Sheridan Tanks in Vietnam. I remember the Gulf War veterans I have talked to; the ones who stood in houses guarding the inhabitants while others searched for weapons, the ones who drove trucks, and the ones who flew overhead. I remember the stories I have sought out. I hope you will seek a (willingly given)story from a veteran today, too. Or maybe, just walk up to them and say thanks.

For those of you I have not met, or those I know, but whose stories I have not begged for, thank you. Thank you.

Since today is Veteran's day, I don't have to work...for a school district. I do have to work for the wife. I am folding laundry. Now, the question is, do you see what I see?

Now, don't go looking for clothing types, the point of the picture is looking out from under the clothes.

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We have a dog that likes to do that!