Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Sitting

Thanksgiving was a success. Everyone was fed and no one got food poisoning (Because I wasn't involved in the food prep). below are a few pictures.
Above we see Scott performing resuscitation and last rights to my beloved Toshi. Note the 2X4 holding it together? also note the bottom corner opposite: the plastic just came off!
Above you can see how good of a kid dog Gypsy is...she came over and sprawled out next to Emma. When Eli came over and lay down next to her, she was in kid heaven!

Below is my kid sister and me. Note how slim she is and how I have filled out... I don't see any resemblance.
Below Cora is setting out her home-made rolls...err, what's that? The bag? Oh, well, she always puts UPC labels and plastic bags on everything she makes...yeah, that's it.
I did help...a little.
Below are the kids, with Gypsy looking on, apparently bored.
my other nephew, David, who seems to shun cameras was taking a nap...he is as charming as ever...unless Uncle Jim has squeezed him too tight or scared him...

I think everyone had fun! Cora seemed to have overdone it and felt worse the next day.

And Friday we relaxed. Lots of sitting, some laying, small, small amounts of standing, and lots of snacking. Thats what we did Yesterday...Well, Cora did not do as much snacking as I did. In all it was a very good day. I spent a lot of time moving things into my new computer.

My new computer is like a rocket ship compared to my old computer. I discovered this morning that you can play music in the background while working on something else, like the internet. That is just crazy! If I wanted to listen to music on the old one, I had to turn everything else off, and even then the sound would skip or stop for a second. So, most of the time, I didn't. If I watched You-Tube I turned the sound off. Now, I suffer no such things! I shall endeavor to keep my spy-ware killers up to date and the anti-virus software smoking hot on this one!

We have had some minor changes in our fish tanks lately. I have mentioned a few. We moved Marvin our Maroon clown from his large 30 gallon FOWLR(Fish Only With Live-Rock) tank to our 16 gallon reef. Most of the books say a Maroon needs at least a 30 gallon, but Marvin seems quite content, and even happier in this new tank. The skunk clown we have in there, Flower, is much smaller than Marvin, but took no time establishing his ownership of the tank. Now, their relationship seems to be one of friendship. This morning I saw Marvin taking a length of macro algae from the corner he has been given and pulling it out to the front of the tank. I think it was his way of telling me I should clean some of it I did.
So, here are a few pictures I took of our tank yesterday. I think I did pretty good.

Today, Cora felt particularly bad and finally decided to go see the Doctor. She has Bronchitis...a precursor to pneumonia in Cora's case...last time she let it go too far and caught pneumonia. This time she realized what was going on and now she is on some anti-biotics. That should help. I made her turkey soup and she is resting under a blanket and my watchful eye.

She has lost her voice again. I usually joke about how quiet it is when she loses her voice, but I really hope she begins to feel better.

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Grandma L said...

I have a question. Is that really a guy loading the dishwasher? Will wonders never cease!!!