Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bouts of Inaction

So, I am going to complain about my computer some more. I have noticed that if I leave Google Chrome or the Email program up when I put it to sleep, when I wake it up again, these programs will freeze on me (didn't use to happen) and then I have to go through a whole rig-a-maroll to get them up and running again. That lost me a couple sub jobs a couple weeks ago. I have since figured out the best thing to do is to close the programs down before I go away for any amount of time (which may make me a better FB friend, since I used to leave the computer open and FB up and people would try to chat with me and think I was just an ass because I wasn't answering).

Still, this new way is not perfect. I have noticed, for instance, that every 20 minutes or so the programs freeze, my connection and everything just stops. I can't stand these bouts of inaction! When I first encountered this I would freak out and restart programs, the computer and interlace the whole affair with all too much cursing and questioning of my computer's bloodline and mother's faithfulness (which is silly, since computers neither have mothers or blood, but not wise to mention when I am mad at my computer, because that is likely to get yourself cursed at and your family lineage questioned). Now I understand that my old computer is dealing with some hidden program, probably my anti-spyware program or my security program, and has forgotten about the very important internet surfing I am doing.

I AM FINISHED COMPLAINING(for now). So, Cora and I decided to have Thanksgiving at our house this year. My sister, Scott, and the kids, and my mom and dad are all invited, as are Cora's mom and dad and any of her sisters who would like to come. It may be a squeeze, but we hope it will be a good Thanksgiving Day. This weekend we are going to concentrate on cleaning. Next weekend, I believe we will begin the cooking. Cora has some very good ideas about how to be prepared and not have to cook all day. I am sure we will have way too much food, but isn't that the entire idea of a feast? I expect we will play the Wii and some board games to ward off the sleepiness that is normally attendant with Turkey Day. I look forward to it!

I am not enjoying the cold weather. until next time...

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