Monday, November 9, 2009

Visit With Sister And Teaching!

Saturday, my sister had a Scentsy Open House. Cora and I drove on down. We only planned to smell the Scentsy and drive home. My sister invited us to stay for dinner, though. Her chili was really good! I'd say the party stunk, but it didn't...the party goers, however, smelled. Some of them just sniffed. It was really fun. If you are interested in some Scentsy stuff send me an e-mail me, I cn get you in touch with her and she can get you some really good Scentsy stuff. I am partial to the Camu Camu...
My niece is NOT afraid of heights (Just like her uncle, seems to love heights). This is her on a ladder...look, no hands!
Cora and I got a few pictures of ourselves.
I love this picture of Cora...she is so pretty!
We got a picture of Scott...I think Eli too this actually, or maybe it was Emma...Sorry, Scott, it was the only one we got of you this weekend! Well, there was the EXTREME extreme close-up, but I thought you'd appreciate this one better.
Cora got some good Aunt-Niece-Time.

and, we really enjoyed ourselves. I don't usually post back-to-back, but the first post sort of lent itself to a story line, and I hope you will check it out, too.

We really had a fun time, Thanks Sis! We had fun! Can't wait for next time.

Today, I subbed at WHS. Freshmen, all day. It was fun. One girl in there...I think I have had her in almost every class I have taught there...cannot say the word "Obnoxious." I have taken great pleasure in using that knowledge. If she is getting noisy in class all I have to do is say, "Daisy (not her real name), you're obnoxious." She automatically tries to say the word and usually comes up with something like "ognop-shus." It's great, because it changes her focus from talking to friends to trying to say a specific word. Not only that, it is entertaining. Turns out she can't say biscotti or spaghetti. That kid is too fun.

I have a mark under my eye. Kids sometimes point to it (no, kids are still as cruel as they were when you were in school, I just am not bothered by it) and ask what it is, rather than saying it is a birthmark or liver spot or whatever the heck it is, I say I had a tattoo removed. Usually, there is some kid in class that somehow knows that convicts usually put a tattoo of a tear about there if (and I am not sure which is right) they kill someone or have lost a friend. They often whisper about that possibility. Rather than set them straight, I will say any number of things that might lead them down paths of reasoning that may not be true, but perhaps will gain a little "street cred" with the kids. I will say things like, "I am glad to wear real clothes and not those one-piece orange jobs." "I'm not supposed to talk about the tattoo, I want to keep my job." "I had to get rid of it to work here." The more evasive I am about it the more they are certain I was in prison. "I'm rehabilitated now, but I used to get so angry." It is hilarious to have one kid have another ask about the mark. When I give them a noncommittal answer, they turn to each other and whisper about how it makes sense, or something like that.

It's frickin' hilarious! Some kids catch on. They look at me with a calculating eye. These, I usually give a conspiratorial wink...then they know they are in on the joke and they go with it. I did the whole prison tattoo removal thing in front of a teacher the other day, and she laughed about it and said, "They don't believe I got this in a knife fight, either." She showed me a scar on her throat...apparently a surgery scar. It's things like this that make it worth going to work. I love being a role model. I LOVE being a role model...Life is good.

Oh, and check out my "story."


Charissa said...

LOL. I love the tattoo piece! Just wait till they tell their parents ;)

Had a great time too.

You are exceptionally funny this post. Thanks for the morning laugh.

kingtiger255 said...

Ohh Jim that is a beautiful picture of you, my guy!! i feel so bad tat I left you for Erica, but she does have lots of money. Ta ta for now my beautiful ex!!