Wednesday, November 18, 2009


YAYYYY!!!!!!!! The fish (Fish, Corals, Cora, and I) will be happy! The ballast for the light in our fish tank came last night! I will install it later today and the corals in our tank will no longer be light starved.

Since the light went out I have been using a hokey little contraption to light the tank. I have been using two florescent reading lamps and our tall lamp. It has worked ok, but the whole thing is ugly.
We got two extra fish, and a third that died upon entry. These were from a good friend whom I work with during the summer. He was taking down a tank and these fish needed a home. The one that died was a lawnmower blenny...for some weird reason, our tanks seem set on NOT housing this fish species. The other two are Ocellaris clown fish, who seem to have moved in and forced my beautiful Maroon Clown into hiding...We are probably going to have to do some fish juggling to make this work. Still, the two new clowns seem to have made the move nicely.

I have been cleaning house when I get home at night. I have shampooed most of the carpet and have a few final touches to make. Now we need to finalize the menu and assign dishes and then we'll be ready for a fun Thanksgiving! I can't wait!

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Cora said...

Those fish are bullies. I hope the other clown goes into the other tank OK.