Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Voluntary" Donations My Butt!

So, I managed to get a job early in the morning yesterday. It was not a bad day. I happened to be subbing in the some area as Cora works, so I dropped by after work and said hi to her. Her office has been enjoying some electrical problems, there was electrician working on a plug. I decided that was a good time to tell the electrician joke my electrician friend told me: "Did you hear about the electrician that was SO dumb the other electricians noticed?" I think he either did not get it or he did not think it wise to laugh while his hands were so near live wires...maybe he held it in for later.

I then went and renewed our license tabs for both vehicles. I had withdrawn $100, expecting each to be around $40. After some difficulty getting Cora's car's license plate number totally incorrect, I had to call her. Then the lady said it would be $102!! I said, "Huh?" (I am well known for my quick wit and being well spoken, I think this episode is a very good example of my keen use of language to express myself ) I told her, "I only have $100...," holding up my five twenty dollar bills and waving them weakly. She said, "Just a moment." She did some more typing...similar to that airlines lady in "Meet the Parents." after A LOT of typing, she said, it will be $92. Continuing with my witty comments, I said, "Huh?" And she explained how Cascade Licensing (or is it the state) charges a "voluntary" parks and recreation fee of five dollars for every license renewal. She simply took that off. I'd love to know how this is voluntary if they don't tell you about it!!! I don't mind offering five dollars here and there for parks and rec., but sneaking it in on me makes me a little irritated, and I thought voluntary meant you knew about it. So, if you live in Washington and renew your licenses at one of those handy little places...make sure you know what they are charging you for...maybe you don't want to "volunteer."

Today I have two half days at different elementary schools...should interesting getting from one school to another quickly.

Tonight we get to see the new version of "V" on tv. I remember the first one in the early 1980s...My mom wouldn't let me stay up to watch the whole thing. I DO remember the baby alien lizard delivered by C-section though...I always have that visual when people say a baby was delivered by C-section...thank you 1980s television! I hope this new version has better effects! I would also like the story line and the lines the character speak to be stronger! Oh, and hopefully the background music is a little less like "CHIPs." Actually, we watched a couple of the old ones last night, and I would say the best description would be CHIPs + Synthesizer. Remember synthesizers? Wow! I must be getting old...none of the kids nowadays know how cool synthesizers were in my day.


Grandma L said...

I thank you for the tip off. Volunteer must have a new meaning.
You also pay according to how heavy your vehicle is. That was news to me. The Van I now have is much heavier than my old car was.

Cora said...

We have it better than a lot of states that charge $200-$300 to license a car. I am thankful for that but it is pretty sneaky to add those "voluntary" charges.

momtoo said...

Since when does a car liscense cost more than $33. Didn't we vote that in some time back? And Son I do not approve you watching "V" because it comes on past your bedtime. It will probably have another baby coming out again since it is time for the first monster to be of age for off springs. I am with you about that park thing too.