Saturday, November 21, 2009

So, You're a Werewolf

We went to "New Moon." It was a good movie.

Here are some things that happened and observations I gathered while there:
  • I was recognized by two students standing in the foyer of the theater.
  • They were NOT attending a movie.
  • They, coincidentally, were there for popcorn.
  • And video games.
  • And they were giving their brother some time alone with his girlfriend.
  • In the car in the parking lot.
  • Talking.
  • The two students, 5th and 7th graders, said it was boring in the car, so they came in the theater.
  • for the popcorn and the video games.
  • Cora and I thought the brother and girlfriend might not be talking as much now that the little brother and sister were out of the car.
  • That might have been more interesting to the kids than talking.
  • The theater was packed, except for two seats next to me.
  • There was a lady who decided, at the last moment, to sit down next to me. She was wearing pink jeans and ear muffs (I don't know why/ she was wearing the ear muffs/ I guess she'll die[sorry, I had to throw in the song]).
  • Her boyfriend/husband was wearing a shower cap (NOT kidding! How could I make this shit up?).
  • She did not take the ear muffs off for the entire movie.
  • He didn't take off his shower cap, either.
  • There was an inordinate amount of ooohing and ahhing from the entire crowd (I am speaking of the women) when Jacob took his shirt off (As if a flat stomach and muscular body was attractive) to selflessly wipe a small cut on Bella's head.
  • Someone was humming somewhere in the theater for a good thirty seconds...and Cora didn't hear it.
  • There was a lady behind us somewhere who cackled, giggled, and might as well have wolf-whistled(forgive the pun) whenever Bella and Jake got close or Jake's clothes came off.
  • The young lady RIGHT behind us kept saying "Shut UP!" increasingly louder, but that appeared to have no bearing on the crazy lady's laughing.
  • They still ask you to turn your cell phone OFF during the movie.
  • Every person in the theater had a cell phone.
  • Each of them checked their cell phone at least twice for the time.
  • Most of them have to be ON to tell the time.
  • Ear Muff Lady AND Shower Cap Man, BOTH, had short conversations on their phones DURING the movie.
  • Ear Muff Lady confirmed my suspicions that she might be uncouth, when she produced some very vulgar language during the movie.
  • A girl beside Cora actually brought the book New Moon...I suppose to compare and contrast more readily.
We had a good evening. Now we're going to have a weekend of cleaning and cooking.

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Grandma L said...

All that extra entertainment was free? Well, you entertained me, I'm still laughing.