Saturday, November 21, 2009

Animal Kingdom

I took a few pictures these past few days. Our animals rule the house. I thought I'd try to show how "in-your-face" they get.

Due to the fact that our camera is less than a photographer' dream, they may be a bit grainy, however, I believe it possible to make do. Weston made wonderful shots with what he had. Ansel Adams...well, he had a pretty good camera, we'll just ignore him, shall we? How about the guy who made those wonderful shots during the Spanish Civil War? So, really, it doesn't matter what camera you have, it's how you use it.
Our animals have a lot of personality. Above, you can see Toby very interested to have me refill his food dish. They cat had a similar task in mind. Below is Gypsy, and she was more intent in playing.

Today, for some reason, Gypsy came in with a sore leg. We have been giving her aspirin since. There appears to be nothing in her foot, and a careful examination of her leg showed no tender spots and nothing obviously out of place. She just won't use her right rear leg. We are both a little worried about our girl's discomfort. If it isn't better by Monday, we will be forced to take her in and see if the vet can see what's wrong. She hasn't moved much at all today...a worrisome turn of events.

We have been cleaning. The house is well on its way to being ready to welcome visitors. We are looking forward to Thursday!!


Cora said...

Love our pets it life would not be as much fun with out them. Worried about gyps but hope a good nights rest is all she needs.

Kelly said...

I hope Gypsy is okay - post and let us know!