Wednesday, March 12, 2008

teaching broken dishes 4X4 tours.

So, I taught at the High School today. I managed to click on the photography teacher’s job before anyone else. When I got there, I found that they were doing the WASL this week. That meant I had no classes for the first two hours.

I was told to go down to a specific classroom and observe a senior project presentation. I did. There were only two. One had decided to refinish her mom’s old “Ice Box,” but did not know how a block of ice was supposed to keep anything cold. I guess they don’t teach thermodynamics in high school anymore.

The other had decided to do a talent show to raise money for the Special Olympics. Apparently planning was not part of the process and her “volunteer” talent had a bad habit of bugging out on her. She had to replace her “volunteers” with other “volunteers.” She also included in her presentation words and phrases like: “more better,” and my mom is “pretty high” in that organization.

After that, I walked back to my classroom and surfed the internet. Because of the way the WASL had broken up the day, students only went to their 1st, 3rd, and 5th periods. My plan period was 3rd, so all I had to do was teach two classes. I thought that was a pretty good deal: a little over two hours of teaching and I got paid for the whole day!

I came home and did dishes, cleaned at the house, and made dinner. I was especially happy with my carrots and mashed potatoes. I added a touch of honey to my carrots and they turned out yummy. I boiled them first, along with some basil and garlic and onion. The potatoes started out to be potato salad, but I kinda let it boil too long. I usually throw carrots and celery in with the potatoes along with whatever else strikes my fancy. I threw in some green onion, too. When I realized I had let it boil too long, I decided to go with mashed potatoes. I added a little sour cream and mushed it about a bit (like my technical terms?), it turned out good. The chopped carrots and green onion really made it look good. Oh, and for the main course, we had Costco tri-tip roast.

I have a tendency to destroy glassware. There are countless victims in the landfill because of me, the one exception is a wine glass with the stem missing, which I use for port. I make no distinction between glass types. I have dropped wine glasses, highballs, short glasses, dishes, plates, one coffee carafe, and large bowls. I have, until tonight, managed, through selfless acts of gravity defying and bone cracking acrobatics, to avoid breaking large baking dishes.

Well, tonight I had the tri-tip on a metal grate suspended over a baking dish. The drippings were creating some smoke, so I decided to add a little water. Aware of thermodynamic stresses caused by rapid cooling and heating, I opted to use hot water and dribble small amounts into the bottom of the baking dish, which I also assumed to be tempered and fully strengthened against such things. It was going well. The smoke began to subside (yes, smoke is a sign that I am cooking) and I thought things were looking good. I was beginning to think I might be able to salvage some of it and maybe even make gravy. Just as this thought entered my head, a loud CRACK split the air and my front was showered with shards and chunks of glass. Cora, with her gift for asking the obvious, asked, “Did you break something?” My response was stunned silence…I had not expected such an explosive reaction. So, she came in and asked if it was the one she liked. Fortunately, it was not. Nevertheless, it seems my streak continues.

Cora and I have decided we are going to need to stay in Arizona for a few weeks just to scratch the surface. For Monday the 31st we have reservations for a 4X4 tour into the desert. For Wednesday, we have reservations for the AMARC tour, that is, a tour of the aircraft bone yard, to break up the walking involved in exploring the giant air museum. The rest of the week will be filled by the following: Phoenix Zoo, The Desert Museum in Tucson, The Desert Botanical Garden, and the Arizona Science Center. These are just a few of the numerous things that Arizona has to offer. Jeez, I sound like an Arizona Tourism advertisement. But, man, there are tons of things to do. There are mines, Native American ruins, Saguaro National Park…then there are the things to do in town. Basically, we will be able to stay busy.

I cannot wait to go. Of course, you all know Pima Air Museum and the AMARC tour are the big things for me. They have VERY historic aircraft on display!! This B-52, known as “Balls Three,” because of its serial number, was one of the mother ships for the X-15. I am looking forward to seeing it and the other two B-52s in the collection.

The B-58 was a supersonic bomber. I think it was a sexy bomber. I am looking forward to seeing it! Note the four jet engines? Fighter jets used those.

This helicopter was a heavy lifter of its time. The CH-37 Mojave. It had, unlike today’s jet turbine powered helicopters, two radial engines.

How can you NOT want to go, too? O.K., look at this:

See all the aircraft at the bone yard? LOADS!!!!! Well, I should get going, this was a long post.


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

I was just asking John what you could do.. and then I clicked on your blog.. and he knew where those pictures were taken...
Sounds like you are going to be busy...
Have a Great Evening..

momtoo said...

When you cook carrots is it fresh basil, garlic and onions? Or can the basil be dried and the garlic minced in a jar? Have you tried froozen hash browns, with sour cream, large can of cream of something soup,(meaning mushroom or celery or chicken) shredded cheese, chopped onions, minced or powdered garlic, salt and pepper to taste. Bake for 1 hour at 350 degree. It a recipe that was voted number one by the youth group at church. It is simple enough for me too. Are you sure you couldn't fit me into your suit cases for the trip?