Thursday, March 20, 2008

Any Happy Little Thought?

Remember the opening lines of Peter Pan's song about how to fly?

Hum a perfect tune…or at least use a computer. Then have the kids try and help decide what makes a good tune. Not as easy as it sounds, since some yo-yos think animal sounds, digital beeps, and cowbells belong in songs. I guess Christopher Walken actually had it right on SNL.

Yep, I subbed for the music teacher again today. She was busy doing cool teacher stuff, while I taught her classes…as best I could. I was to use a computer program to help the kids compose a song. Using a format of A-B-A…yeah, it was news to me, too.

But, despite that, music was just as kind to me as before, but not so much for the kids today. I began classes with my expectations, but in almost every case, they did not live up to my expectations, which were more often worded as what they were NOT supposed to do. Well, I told them what I wanted and they often provided things they should not do, but, I wonder if they did not give their classmates ideas. Still, kids will be kids. These were kinders, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders. Remarkably the kinders did the best, and the 2nd graders were all over the board. I ended the day having had six or seven kids in the corner…they deserved it. Some of them were just so annoying I should be commended for being that nice. There was the kid whose voice hits the octave that could possibly shatter bone, of not ear drums…trust me, he tried. Then there was the one who was eating popcorn off the floor…I dared not touch that one, but, since he decided not to follow instructions, he went to the corner, too. There were several others who just decided that, since the rest of the day had been screwed up by class photos, they need not follow direction. I did my best to disabuse them of that notion. I had several ask me to be funny. I told them I could be funny, or I could be the teacher they wished they had not crossed. One class spent the last few minutes of class with their heads down…more entertaining to me for their wiggles and unconscious comments than anything. The teacher came in, looked at them and just shook her head.

Cora and I went out for dinner. Not the best place in town, but we are reluctant to spend obscene amounts of money for ambiance. We settled…and then walked away from the table asking if the other was full, then giggling because we were thinking the exact same thing. 8 and ½ years of marriage does that, doesn’t hurt to have had an extra five before that.

I taught HS photography yesterday. Enjoyed the high schoolers. They get my jokes more often. Usually because I hide the humor in a bit of trick language. I love a good play on words. Some roll their eyes, others laugh. I appreciate either.

Well, this weekend is the last weekend before our Phoenix trip. We have lots to do, but I just can’t wait!

I get to volunteer at the local air museum on Saturday. They are short on volunteers and I told them I was interested in volunteering for them…I can’t wait. I had SO much fun at McClellan Aviation Museum, I hope this is half as much fun. Then again, McClellan had about thirty more aircraft. Oh, well. Maybe the local museum will gain a few more. I hope to convince them to look into how to link themselves with the Air Force Museum…they seem to have scads of aircraft to loan. Might be nice!

Well, since I brought it up, here is yet another picture of me in front of an aircraft…This particular aircraft is an F-100D at McClellan. Note my vest, pretty, huh? Volunteers got those. They let me keep mine, patches and all. See the tube above me? That is the refueling boom. It plugs into a fan/funnel device on the tanker. It was the first production aircraft that could break the sound barrier in level flight. One of the gentlemen I worked with at McClellan claimed it would burn through all its fuel if it stayed in afterburner for eleven minutes. I am not entirely sure of that calculation, but it does illustrate the obscene amounts of fuel used during afterburner.

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