Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday, Finally...and Phoenix Feathers.

Friday, finally. Glad to finally have the week end! Nah, it hasn’t been too bad. It actually seems to have gone pretty quickly. I worked two days in the maintenance dept. I moved stuff mostly. Since they are taking down the old middle school in the next few months, I have been given the fun duty of removing the stuff that had been stored there and putting it in a storage container. Yes, one of those large truck trailer thingies. I got quite a bit done on Tuesday, took down several pallets full. The best part about it, I got to drive the forklift. I get to drive it all the time, but I enjoy it anyway.

On Wednesday and Thursday I taught at TH Elementary, but today was high school. I am always amazed at how many students know me and seem to like me despite that strange little fact. Of course, it could be because the ones who have had me call out in the hall way, “It’s that cool sub.” Truly, it’s a bit disturbing…shouldn’t I be less cool? I don’t know how to tone down my coolness. How can you ask the sun not to shine? How can you ask the wind not to blow, or the rain not to rain? It is in their nature, so it is for me. Is it right for me to try to tone down my coolness, when it is obviously my part in history to be the cool substitute? Nah, I thought not. Good, I am glad I worked through that bit of worry.

Cora and I are heading to Phoenix for spring break. We will be flying...IN A PLANE. I am beginning to get antsy. I have been looking up things to do in Phoenix. Obviously there is the PIMA AIR MUSEUM and Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson, but there are Jeep Tours in Phoenix, and there is a botanical garden that has all manner of plants, Cacti, succulents, and many, many more. There is also the zoo. Plenty of shopping. I like different plants. I have a pineapple I have raised since shortly after our marriage. The one that I had from before our wedding died last summer. I also have a “Split Leaf Philodendron,” which I am quite fond of. I bought it in California and was really happy with it, because it could grow outside down there. We brought it home with us. I packed it in a box shortly before we moved. One month later I stumbled upon it, still in its box, in a locked, cold storage unit. It had not had water or light in over a month and it was still firm and green. I figure if it lived through that, it must be special. Below you can see my Split Leaf straing to look out the window over Sully. This picture was taken out our front window in California, you can see the juice plant in the back ground.

I can’t wait to see what’s in Arizona!! And, oh, yeah, there are literally TONS of airplanes waiting for me! SO MANY! I will be sure to post pictures here, no one need worry.

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Cora said...

Don't worry about the coolness factor everyone above the age of 16knows the truth, you are just as dorky as the rest of us ;0) I do adore your fan club though. I am excited for our trip too!! Can't wait to get away.
Love ya.