Monday, March 3, 2008

First Flight

Well, here I am creating a BLOG of my own. For those of you who do not know me, my name is Jim. I am an avid history buff and, by education, historian and teacher. I am also VERY fond of airplanes. My wife is Cora (I am very fond of her, also, but I try not to show it), she and I have been together since 1994, and married since 1999. I will let you do the math...hmmm, I am already being optimistic in assuming that this will outlast the year...I hope I am right.

I have a tendancy to skip a extra line in my emails to separate paragraphs, I see no reason to discontinue it here. I may have some odd habits, but you will adjust...if not...well, this is for me, isn't it? ADJUST!!!

I was born in the year of the Tiger(1974). That is the Chinese calendar I am refering to. We are adopting from China...someday. When we signed up, they said, "the wait is about 18 months to two years." Now it looks like five years. hmmm, we sure bought the sales pitch on that one.

We live in Washington State. Ah, the Evergreen State...huh, only evergreen on the OTHER side of the mountains. Here, it is brown 3/4 of the year, Cora informs me it is white part of the year. She is misinformed. We get some green during the Spring...Yeah, I like the Spring.

We lived in California for two years. I miss it. Yes, the winter was a rainy season interspersed with days of bright, BRIGHT sunlight with temperatures in the 70s, but I can live with that. Plus there were NUMEROUS museums...air museums. Did I mention my fondness for airplanes? I will post more on this subject often, so I will only mention it here once.

We have two dogs and a cat. One dog is a Jack Russel and the other is what I call a "Goldenchowyote." We picked her up in California. Not on purpose, she chose us. The Jack Russel is named Toby. We have had him for six years. Gypsy (the Goldenchowyote) saw us walking Toby and I to work and decided to follow Cora and Toby back home. She broke into the backyard. She is, as you might guess, a Golden Retriever/Chow mix. No, she isn't part Coyote, but she looked that way when we got her, hence the name. The cat is named Sully. He came up to Cora while she was on a walk at work. He is a black and white longhair cat. He is about as malleable as a cat can get.

Well, that should do it for my first EVER post on a blog! Maybe next time will be more interesting...nah, you better not count on it.


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Cora said...

I'm glad you started a blog. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Love you!