Thursday, March 27, 2008

Get Up! Come On, Get Down With The Sickness!

“Get up! Come on, get down with the sickness, Oooo-Wha-Ah-Ah-Ahhhh!”…yeah, it’s a song, but, you know what, I think it fits.

I started getting a cold last week, but did something that caused it to go into my chest. Yeah, what fun. I have been dosing myself with Airborne and taking cold meds. Cora is convinced I should see the Dr. before we leave. I may give in. I am feeling pretty close to miserable.

I hate this part of teaching. They say, “The first year is worst. After a year, you stop getting as sick”…yeah? Bullshit. I think I now know why I had so many grumpy teachers and bad grades. They blamed students for getting them sick. They probably sat there, without benefit of Airborne, looking at students walk in each morning and thought to themselves: “These little %$#@ come in here with their grubby @*(&^$%# hands and spread their $%@# pathogens like rock salt on a sidewalk. Look at Jimmy, rubbing his nose. I think he just sneezed in my direction. I think he did it on purpose! I think little Jimmy missed 60% of the test!! That’ll teach him! I will limit his future the same way he is limiting mine!!!!! Wuh-Haa-Ha-Ha-Haaaaa!!!!” So, Mom and Dad, with that information, I think you owe me some back allowance, some TV time, an Atari Game, a Transformer, a Gobot, several stickers (I liked the shiny ones and the Scratch ‘n’ Sniff in fifth grade), oh, and an apology!

On another note, I see how limited my future became: so much for becoming an astronaut, fighter pilot, and all-around American Hero (I am sure it wasn’t because of my short-sightedness, or my startling lack of appreciation for mathematics, I am sure it was because of those teachers!). Well, I guess I will just take it out on the students!

I got home at about 1:00pm. Conferences at the elementary. I changed the water in the fish tanks and washed the dog bedding. Cora usually does the dog beds…and I think she is going to continue doing them…I can’t believe how hard it was getting the hair to come off. I could not even put the cover back on Toby’s bed, I had to have Cora do it when she came in.

The kids were fun. Since it was a half-day, the teacher seems to have forgotten that certain reading teachers would not be coming in. So, Jim had to shoot from the hip. I had to come up with an educational fakery of sorts. The kids know I can draw. We went through as many letters of the alphabet as I could stomach, then I told them to take a sheet of paper and I would show them how to draw something. So they learned how to spell elephant, duck, and number. They also learned that you can draw with numbers. I showed them how to use number shapes to draw a duck. Yeah, I am a one trick horse. If all else fails, draw them a picture.

Well, if I go to the Dr. tomorrow, I also have to squeeze in some other getting ready details. I CANNOT WAIT to go to Phoenix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


cora said...

You better go to the doctor tomorrow, otherwise I am going to have to tave your Dad or go by myself.
I really think there should be some sort of sanitizing spray you could rig up for them to walk though as they came in the door.

Jimh. said...

You will NOT take my dad! I will drag my dead bones there, no matter what!

cora said...

Yes I am going to tave your Dad that is the ancient term for leave your stinky bones at home.
love you

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

You better get to the doctor...
Or you will not get to meet ME...
Have a Great Day..

grandma l said...

You really need to go to the doctor before you get on the plane. Do you know that sick people make everybody on the plane sick. Something to do with the pressurized plane. I think we are breathing each others germs. I nearly always get a sinus infection when I travel. This is a fact, take my word for it.