Sunday, March 16, 2008

Eternity Welcomes Safe Drivers, Red Dwarf, and Corned Beef!

“Dead Dave, everybody’s dead Dave. Dave, dead, everybody is.” If you have never seen the BBC series Red Dwarf, then you are missing something. Just thought I open with that. Not sure why, just seemed like the thing to do.

Cora hurt her back this morning. I tried to make her stay in her chair all day, but was unsuccessful…she is very stubborn. She did laundry and worked around the house, nevertheless. I could see the pain on her face, but she is very stubborn. She finally slowed down and rested in her chair for awhile. We had planned to have my parents up to have dinner, but they were not feeling up to it. We had planned to get groceries, but she was not up to it. I went in and got them. I also got some craft stuff.

Last year, I accidentally set off a trend at my Mother-in-law’s daycare. I left a drawing of a pirate and a pirate ship and a couple verses about treasure on the refrigerator. The kids loved it and Nancy bent to their will, and I helped by getting some pirate toys. Then each day the kids got a new hint for another part of the pirate booty. It was a hit with the kids and I think Nancy enjoyed it too.

This year, I got the idea to create an Egypt theme. Same basic idea, but now I am going to throw hieroglyphs into the works. I bought some stuff to make hieroglyphs, complete with gold dust…ok.,.its golden mica dust, but it works. It looks cool. This is a long term thing and won’t be finished for some time. Should give me something to do, though.

Well, we had Corned Beef and Cabage and Carrots. Cora started the beef while I was still in town. I finished it off. It tasted good.

Tomorrow, I get a tooth removed. To better make a bridge. They wanted to put me out, and frankly, I would not have minded, but the price was some 60% difference, so I opted for the cheaper one…hopefully they’ll give me some good pills to go with it. I won’t miss that molar root.

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Cora said...

Happy St. Patricks Day!! If I can't get you in person at least I will be the first blog post to wish you a happy holiday. Love ya