Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hangover or Cold

I woke up at 4 AM this lovely morning with a headache ringing around the back of my head...well, from back to front. I don't think I drank that much wine. It was Tempranillo, a Spanish wine, last night if anyone is wondering. I liked it for its peppery bite. Last week, about Wednesday, I began to feel an oncoming cold. It now seems to be on its way out, but I would not put it past it to try and torture me a little more. I finally got up because it felt like my pillow might be the root cause, it was not. So, I have been semi-vertical for a half-hour and the headache seems to be leaving my head for more hospitable climbs. Of course it may also have been the cold medicine and two aspirin I took, too.

Now, here is a thought about my blog picture. What in the world does "Final Sense" mean on the side of that Hawker Hurricane (sorry girls, gonna be using airplane names here, not just referring to them as planes, get used to it...its called planetruth isn't it?)? I found this particular template after a brief search on the subject. When I picked it I was not exactly paying attention to the side of the airplane. So, hopefully it isn't an advertisement for pine boxes or cemetery plots. With my luck its an advertisement for Viagra or something.

Oh, and do we need proof that I love airplanes? I will see if I can leave a picture on this thing, but that too will come. I have been asked when I state my fondness of aircraft, "Do you fly?" the straight answer is no, I have not had time, opportunity, or money to do that...yet. The smartass answer is, only when I take the blue pills...or is it red ones?

So, did the darned thing work? Yep, but not in the place I expected. Ahh, well, it looks like I will need to practice some. hmmm...well, that is a North American F-86 Sabre. Used from the 50s into the 1960s. It was THE American fighter of the Korean Conflict. As you can see, it is none too small. There is a panel about between the boomerang and the US map that housed 3 X .50 caliber machine guns at one time. I opened it and they were gone, alas. That photo was taken in early spring of 2005. three years ago, it is hard to believe it has been that long since we were in California. The temperature was in the seventies and it was a nice February day not windy like it was here yesterday.

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Cora said...

You have to drag the picture where you want it. A pain, I know but it is the only way I found to do it.