Monday, March 17, 2008

Nifty Nice Niece Key Chain

Oh, I forgot. For Christmas, my wonderful niece, Emma, made us key chains. I put mine on my key ring immediately. I never dreamt that it would be so handy. I carry 3 different sets of keys…well, five. One ring is full of our home keys, the next ring are my work keys, and the last is my OTK (One True Key-came with the vehicle) for my Tacoma. The other two key rings I refer to are in my left pocket. One is about 6 different keys which unlock a variety of pad locks and our mail box. The last is the STK (Second True Key-for the Camry, it never comes out of my pocket, since it is a wireless entry/keyless start, etc., Cora has the other. Basically, that car is a bundle of magic on 4 wheels). So, the reason I told you that is so I could explain the importance of the Niece’s key ring. It allows me to differentiate between my work keys and my home keys. Usually the OTK falls to the bottom of the pocket, but the other two jockey for tops. My work keys are on a key ring I found on the roof of the intermediate school, apparently kids love to throw things on the roof of that school. I picked up $5.00 of change while I was fixing the gutters two summers ago (the repair worked as I had promised: until the next rain). The key ring was apparently a souvenir from Chicago. It has a chain on it which is not always east to feel. The Niece key chain, however, has these wonderful beads, which, I found out recently, glow in the dark. The beads are large and nicely recognizable by touch, so it really made quick entry to either work or home much faster and easier. Well, the other day, it broke and the beads fell loose in my pocket. I was disappointed, and thought my niece might be able to help me fix it, so I called my beloved sister and asked to speak to my four year old niece. She had no problem about helping me with another key ring. In fact, on Saturday, I went to the post office and got our mail. There was a package from my niece and nephew! New key chains for the both of us!!!! What a wonderful surprise! Alo included were several sheets of finger art and a few hand written notes. So, I had to call and thank her today. She could probably have talked for a good hour or so, but her mom rescued her from getting a sore throat or going hoarse (though, truthfully, that might not be a bad thing, from what I have heard: might be nice to get some quiet). I, however, enjoyed our conversation, no matter how one sided!


grandma le said...

Oh let me get my two cents in here. As to the money found on the roof you can consider it tips for a job well done. As to tips, I have an adversion to them. I tip and am not a cheap skate about it, but it sticks in my craw as to why I should tip a hair stylist. They chose to go to school to learn a trade that pays good money so why should I help support them. I can see why food servers deserve a tip because many of them are students trying to get through school to get a better job. Even at that I think their employers should not be such cheap stakes and pay them a decent wage. God knows we pay enough for the food.
There, I got that off my chest.
I bet your pockets wear out long before your pants do with all those keys. LOL.

Sista C said...

I too detest tipping in general but enjoy doing so when the service has been exceptionally good.

As for tipping the hairstylist, I must come in to defend the average hair technician. My mother worked as a hairstylist for some odd years and after paying for your spot at a hair salon and the other fees and products there wasn't a lot left over for the pocket. She was taught at beautician school that the money was in pushing the products. She could never do that and very much appreciated every tip she got. She will tip 20-25% because she's been there. I have no comment for the high end stylists, they probably make a bundle. But if you want quality I guess you pay for that and I don't my husband cuts my hair.

Any who (reminiscent of J.C.) I was actually meaning to comment on the wonderful post about the darling young niece. She was, after all, in tears that she could not spend more time talking to her favorite uncle and so disappointed that she did not get to talk to aunt Cora. btw they miss you two very much. Emma very dearly wants to have a birthday party for Jim. Oh and the gift for cora was actually a bracelet. That's all--- fun blog!!!