Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Post Four, Day Two

Here is a picture of me in front of an F-4 Phanton. This one also from the ex-Mclellan Aviation Museum. I could probably go about a week or two with pictures of me in front of aircraft, but I won't necessarily subject you to that kind of suffering.

Here I am again. Nothing extra to say except that the sun today was VERY nice. I worked in the maintenance dept. today. Fewer responsibilities and some nice hard work. I particularly enjoy driving the fork lift. Filled up a storage container with left overs (surplus) from the school...well, almost.

Tomorrow I get to be a substitute teacher. Tomorrow is first graders. I was about to check that but the computer said my certification has expired... I have been working on my temporary certificate...ooops. I forgot to take my genuine real certification in to the district office. I guess I will do that first thing in the morning. Hopefully I still sub...that would suck to lose out on that.

I have many hobbies. One of those is wreckchasing; something I have not been able to actually go out in the field and do. Wreckchasing is a little like geocaching and history put together with a touch of aviation heritage. It is the search, both on paper and on the ground for aircraft crash sites. Something many people don't realize is that there was quite a bit of pilot training here in Washington State during WWII. With training comes training accidents. I have been doing the research part of the hobby. I corresond with the Air Force Historical Research Agency I have now gotten several accident reports. One even shows a picture of the hills just outside of town. that one crashed at the local airport in 1942...it was a B-10, one of the original bombers. The pilot took the aircraft knowing that the gear status light was not operating, but still landed with his landing gear up...pilot error. I am looking forward to finding one of these sites...one of these days. I sent a request to the AFHRA not too long ago. Usually I get the accident reports in two to three weeks. it is awesome.


Anonymous said...
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Sister C said...

Nice Theme. I should have expected all the pretty plane pictures considering your personalities. So do you like planes?

Where are the pictures of your furry kids and beautiful wife? Oh, right this is a man's blog spot.

Looks good, though it does feel a bit like reading your diary and since I'm your sister that just seems wrong.

have fun!!

Cora said...

Sorry I saw you infront of a plane and did not read further. You can tell sister c that you diary would even be more boring and might even help with insomnia, LOL. Love Ya..