Sunday, March 30, 2008

I have been lying in bed awake. I cannot sleep. Too hot, too cold, uncomfortable, whatever the reason, here I sit. I was thinking of some things I forgot to post earlier. I want to post them now because later, I will forget. First, We saw 6 F-15s of the Portland Wing of the Oregon Air National Guard. They are big planes. Dark grey and ominous.
The other thing I wanted to mention was something I saw moored to a pier on the North shore of Jantzen Beach Island. It was the low grey shape of a military, or ex-military, vessel. When I got closer, I recognized the lines of a WWII LCI, or Landing Craft, Infantry. About 180 feet long with a narrow beam. It was a striking shape. I wanted to see it again, but you had to be on the right side of the road. Darn it.
A quick search led to a site devoted to an LCI sailors memorial.
Oh, and Cora just wished me a happy birthday! I had actually forgotten.