Monday, March 17, 2008

Medicated Tea-th

So, have a cup of coffee, jump in the truck and drive to the dentist. PAY for some bastard to jump in your mouth with a jackhammer, sledge hammer, and I assume a pick and shovel. That’s what I did this morning. I am fairly certain he had a monkey wrench and a pair of pliers, too.

I followed the nurse down the hall to the room in which I would be tortured. She helped me put on a little sheet and promised me the Dr. would be in soon. He came in and began sticking me with a needle. He said he would let it sit and become numb. I agreed silently.

He came back in a few minutes later. He said he wanted to make sure it was numb, then took a sharp object and inserted it into my gum. I gave a bit of a twinge and he decided, aloud that he should give me a bit more numb juice (my words, not his). This time, I concurred aloud. The nurses snickered.

This time he left me for quite awhile longer. When he came back my jaw was considerably more numb. He wasted no time in getting to work. He used a rubber thingy to wedge my mouth open. He took his drill and made a quick attack on my mouth. I assume it was my tooth he was interested in, but it was numb. He then took a few tools from the nurse and began a mining operation in my mouth. The nurse had to put her hand under my chin to stabilize my jaw while he worked. I was too worried about losing the other teeth to move. After about fifteen minutes, seemed like a decade, he had finished up with two stitches and was telling me thanks for keeping still. I was only too happy to oblige.

He gave me a prescription for some pain meds and an anti-biotic. I wandered around Safeway waiting for my prescriptions. I must have looked pathetic with a wad of gauze in my mouth and my lips not quite looking the way they should. Finally, I made it home. Cora beat me. She has a Dr.’s appointment for her back, and could not use a mouse, let alone do work. So, she came home early.

My jaw is beginning to ache and my head is, too. Hopefully tomorrow I will be feeling up to being a substitute teacher. I already have three jobs lined up for this week. Two for the teacher that teachers the life skills at the elementary, and one for the music teacher I subbed for last week. She apparently approved.

Well, I am going to have some medicated tea. By the way, my prefered medicinal tea additive is rum. Oh, and that smiling tooth fellow up there, wouldn't be smiling if he knew what happened to mine.


cora said...

Why does it always hurt more when the dentist sticks you with something sharp? You probaby looked just as pathetic as I did walking around safeway waiting for my script trying to carry everything with my left arm.

grandma le said...

You think that was misery. Have you tried the colonoscopy? Of course you haven't, it's just for oldies. Anyway the Dr promised me I wouldn't remember a thing. I remember it very well, but I was so far under I couldn't complain. I guess that was the whole plan. I guess the Dentist also knows how to shut us up so he doesn't have to listen to us.