Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tar Baby

I am looking at becoming the proverbial Tar latest assignment is to cart around a tar melting burner type thingy and fill cracks in the pavement with tar.  It's hot work.  Yesterday, I paid so much attention to how the tar was flowing I got sunburned on one side of my that's interesting.  I'm sporting a nice racing stripe on the side of my face where my sunglasses go...very well defined!

Apart from that not much else is going on.  After yesterday, I was beat.  We managed to get Chloe to bed and then stumble in and watch a little Big Brother, but I don't think either of us lasted long after that.

I have been taking pictures off and on.  Here is my latest.  It is a local farmhouse.  The owners are renovating it.  They took off the old shingle siding and this is what was underneath...a real-type farm house.  These are done in HDR (High Dynamic Range) which means I took three pictures with slightly different exposures and put them together in the computer to bring out the low and high tones that usually are not exposed for correctly, then I tweaked it further and brought out the details a bit.

 And the next one looks like the skies are burning.
 I tried to alter the perspective on this one to make it more a haunted house.  I think it kinda worked.
So, I am trying to do a little more post processing (that means after the camera is done with it).  These are just fun.

Well, I hope the weather cools down a bit today and I would not complain about an overcast, but that is unlikely to be my lot in life.  I'll be out there in the thick of the sun, burning up.  Of course, this time I will remember sunscreen.

oh, and the mandatory Chloe photo.  As usual, she's on top of the world.  And not to worry, I made sure she was stable and solid before I stepped back for the photo.

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Lorrene said...

Yes it looks like a haunted house. I think I even saw the curtain in the top window move as I was looking at it. Wooeeeeescaryeeeee.
Love the little girl photos too.