Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another Wonderful Weekend!

 I am still editing some of the old photographs.  Partly because I know there were good ones in there that I never edited because of time restrictions.  Partly because I have been following this photo site that I really enjoy looking at.  I have even submitted a few pictures.
 We did not do much this weekend.  We DID buy a table for the back yard...something we've wanted to do for a couple years now.  It was on clearance and we got it for a great price.  It's great to be able to eat dinner out in the yard now!

We also just relaxed.  Chloe spent some time in the sand box we got her last weekend and also playing in the water, even though it was not as hot today as it was last weekend!  She is a funny kid with many sides.  She has come so far in six months!
 But, then again, maybe we have too...


jade said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend. Chloe looks like a fun kid, apart from being pretty (and) awesome! Have a nice week, Jade

Lorrene said...

Did the bucket have water in it?
It makes a nice bonnet for that cute little girl.