Saturday, July 16, 2011

Harry Potter vs. Voldemort

 But first, a word from our sponsor:  This is Jim, I want to show you our all new daughter.  Good for all occasions and a ham for the camera.  You need a little bit of spice added to your day, just call us up for a little bit of spice!  She will create messes where once there were none.  She will bring noise to silent places.  She will redecorate whether you like it or not.  She is...for lack of a better word, SPICY!!
 Chloe has begun becoming a ham for the camera.  She sees me with it and immediately starts initiating her "Cheesy Grin" program, which is over in nothing flat, but I sometimes catch it anyway.

 Cora and I went to see the last installment of the Harry Potter was...AWESOME!  It was NOT exactly as the book, but i have learned to live with that, and given the spirit of the book, the movie seems to have done the trick.  It is, as ever, better if you have read the books.  You pick up on things better.

Where was Chloe?  My parents, kind hearted and soft headed as they are, volunteered for the task.  Fortunately for them part of the babysitting time coincided with naptime and they got a bit of a break.  We got to watch the movie in peace and really get some valuable time together.  We paid them with dinner...given my prowess with the grill, I may have over paid them.  :-)
It was a good day!

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Lorrene said...

I absolutely cracked up at your daughter. Does she have any idea how funny she is?