Sunday, July 17, 2011

Six Months

It is difficult to believe that we have been a family for six months, but we have.  Words are weak, and my voice might crack anyway if I were to try to describe the whirlwind of emotions and feelings I have felt in the past six months.

I cannot get over the change in our little Chloe since the day we first met her.  She was so cautious of us at first.  She definitely seemed to know that Cora would take care of her.  Me she gave a wide birth, allowing my presence since I showed no signs of leaving.

Today she runs the house.  She is going to be two in September, but you might think she was ALREADY two if you saw the mischief she gets into!  She walks around here as though she owns it and you know, she might as well.  We are in love with our little Chloe more than ever.  Who knew she would fill that broken hole in our hearts so perfectly?  She is wonderful.
So today, we decided to visit the local Farmer's Market.  I have been aching to take some more photos anyway.  So we went and took Chloe for a bit of an outing.  I think she enjoyed it.

 As we were heading out, Cora saw a petting zoo of sorts.  We decided Chloe would probably enjoy petting the animals.  Boy, we were CORRECT!  She loved the sheep and the bunny.  I'm not sure how she liked the chickens, but she does have a soft spot for ducks.
Overall, it was a great morning, which was followed up with lunch and naps for everyone...I took mine in the shade in the backyard.  Dinner is around the corner and promises to be an excellent end to a great day!


Andrew D. Wells said...

I haven't visited in so long, because I've been so busy at home. It's nice to come here and Cora's site and see our little gremlin getting along just fine.

Lorrene said...

The vegetables look so pretty. I haven't seen those long radishes for so long. Everything looked great. and of course Cloy always looks great.

SpunkyBookworm said...

Happy 6 months! She is amazing, and it shows how much she is loved!