Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Many Shades

 Here are some black and whites I've been saving up.  I just had to show this one again, I love that face!
 I've been trying to get more emotive pictures...

Thistles don't seem very emotive, though.

the long road


Lorrene said...

Looks a lot like my kitchen. Just kidding.....sort of

I love that kid.

Charissa said...

Did you get in trouble for putting the baby on the truck?? What were you thinking? ;]

Jimh. said...

She was in the very center of the hood, I was three steps away and ready to catch, but I knew she was not in a running mood, so, using all the information available to me and common sense, I took the picture. My kid's safety is paramount, not the photo. So, there you have it. I expect no one else to try questioning my photos now. (thanks Sis)