Thursday, July 28, 2011

Long Morning

 You can't tell from the photo, but that lid had a little springiness to it and would bounce about 1/2 inch and Chloe got a kick out of jumping on it.  She was doing a regular little tap dance on that thing.  I wish I'd had the presence of mind to switch to video.

Chloe and I began the morning by seeing Mommy off to work.  Then we set about getting read for the day.  We had breakfast, a bath and did our hair.  About the time we were finishing up bath time, the cable/Dish guy showed up.  He fixed the problem we've been having with our TV and I got Chloe dressed.

Then we dropped by my work so I could drop off a set of keys.  We walked through and introduced some people to Chloe.  Then we visited my boss' wife at the place she works.  When we walked in all eyes were on turns out the entire office joined us for our China adventure and were tickled pink to meet Chloe in person.  It is good to know there are so many nice people out there!

Then Chloe and I stopped at a couple hardware stores looking for some light bulbs for the refrigerator and the drier...we only managed to find the ones for the refrigerator.

After that, Chloe was beginning to show signs of hunger and crankiness.  I bought a small meal of chicken strips, curly fries and a strawberry smoothie...and the little girl thought she was in heaven.  She'd been so good I figured she deserved a treat.

We took the meal to a local park near an agriculture museum.  We ate and then played a little...went down the slide once...remembering that we should ALWAYS check the bottom of the slide to make sure it is free of puddles...It's a good thing she was on my was one of those corkscrew slides...I think I got screwed, because my shorts were wet for about 20 minutes!  Chloe came away unscathed and wanting more...I had had enough and we went elsewhere!
 Since she was having fun running about we went up to the ag museum.
 She drove a tractor...or at least sat at the wheel!
 She looks pretty professional to me.  Farmer Chloe.
 She even stood in a bucket...but it soon became apparent we were both ready to go home...and within a couple minutes someone had faded off to sleep in her car seat.
It was a good morning!


Anonymous said...

She seem happy 99% of the time, soooo cute!!!
Aunt Carol

Charissa said...

Thanks for sharing your day.

jade said...

Oh my, you sure have a cute daughter!