Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Down at Magnuson Park

 We had to go to Seattle for a check up for Chloe yesterday.  She was not happy about the examinations and extremely unhappy with the fact that they wanted to withdraw blood...they were unsuccessful and Chloe told the entire hospital about it.  Loudly.

The only thing that salvaged the day for her was the trip to a park to meet with a social worker for our six month check in.  As you can see Chloe was happy about the park.

 This next sequence is of both of us going down a slide.

 And now she's looking over her shoulder at me as I watch her go for another strawberry.  That was her snack...she loves strawberries and I think she earned them after the phlebotomist kept poking her.  You can see the bandage.

 She is finally on the charts!  She is in the three percentile.
 Oh, and we all had our first experience with Astro Turf...I think.  Anyway, it was really cool.
She is, as ever, a ball of awesome!


SpunkyBookworm said...

The pic where she is looking up at you on the slide is the most precious pic!
I hope you got her drawn okay. I didn't realize you were in Seattle.

jade said...

What a good idea to go to the park: she does look pretty happy there, hope all is well when you get the results (if you get results without the blood taken - I remember a visit to the hospital with my son: talking about loud... I can so imagine the scene with Chloe!).
And yes, the pictures are great, as ever!