Sunday, July 24, 2011

Night Life...errr...Lights

 Because I am a dummy and misread my camera's instruction book, I could have been making long exposures all year long.  It has, by the way, been one year since I received Precious.  As of the 19th, if memory serves...and it usually does.  So, last night, after dark, I drove up above our little settlement and took four photos.  For varying periods of time.  1, 3, 5 minutes.  Here is the 3 minute shot.  The only one I was really happy with...mostly, this was just to make sure it was operating within the parameters I was hoping.  It does.  I see that it will take some planning to make decent photos like I want, but I am patient...right?  Nah, you're right.

I thought I'd share these photos of Chloe.  I thought she was cute hamming it up for the camera.  This was from a few weeks ago, but I somehow forgot to post these.
 Jazz Hands!
Here she is yesterday after nap, being cute.


Charissa said...

SO CUTE! Thanks for sharing. =)

Jill Wellington said...

The last photo is SO adorable!