Monday, July 25, 2011

High Dynamic Range

 In digital photography, there is a thing.  A wonderful thing.  It is called High Dynamic Range.  This is when you take multiple photos of the same subject and same scene using different settings.  Then you take the three photos and combine them in the computer.  It doesn't come out being THAT different, but it shows a better, closer idea of what you see than what your camera sees.

This next one is under-exposed.

This one is "right."
And this one is overexposed.
 Here are a few I took today.
 the next one is NOT HDR, but I like it anyway.

I like this one of my truck.

And, can I just say we had some really weird weather today.  Hot in the morning, then rain and thunder and lightning and then some more showers and then some more sunlight...weird.

I am also going to be taking part in "Barn Charm" and I hope you will follow the link to see other barns!


Lorrene said...

And can I just say, your pictures are superb,majestic and all those other adjectives. You are a photographer.
I loved the old truck pictures too. A truck with no doors,no engine, no bed and one wheel is ready for the truck grave yard.

jade said...

And is there a Chloe-owl to be spotted in your car by any chance? Really nice pictures!

Anonymous said...

looks like a storm is rolling in with the dark clouds,Pretty neet looking !!
Aunt Carol

Tricia ♥Charming Barn Hunter♥ said...

YaY! I'm so glad you joined, I was sooo hoping you would & I'm going to alert the others that there's a new entry so they can all swing by & check it out, too!

Thanks again =)

Jill Wellington said...

These are just awesome photos!! I just joined Barn Charm, too and looking forward to viewing all the fine photos from people like me who love taking pictures.

Thanks for your ideas..funny, I did the same thing on my barn charm entry this week! I hope to learn more tips in the future.

Rural Revival said...

Interesting concept, I love the results!

And that barn made my heart skip a beat; it's oozing charm. : )


Carole said...

Wonderful barn shots.