Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A B-25 in Yakima!

 As many of you MIGHT have cottoned on, I like airplanes.  I love going to air museums, air shows, and aircraft wrecks.  I love 'em.  So, imagine my surprise this morning while I was on top of a tractor mowing, when I glanced up from the grass and saw a familiar outline.  I nearly toppled off of the mower!  That is a B-25, built by North American Aviation, and used during WWII.  What the heck was it doing flying over MY neck of the woods?

Smart phones are a wonderful invention.  I typed in the name of the nearest air museum and voila, I had an article telling me there was a B-25 in the area until Friday.  I decided I should probably visit, so I did.  Here are the pictures... artistically modified.

It is extremely cramped in that thing.  Not nearly so big as it appears on the outside!  This is a member of the Commemorative Air Force and is based out of Mesa, Arizona.  They fly it all around the West!  You just have to love these machines!

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