Monday, July 11, 2011

Chloe Above

 I get to stay home Mondays with Chloe.  This, of course, is because I can work four ten hour days during the rest of the week.  Usually, we stay near the house, but this morning we needed to do some running around.  We happened to be driving back home via a particularly wild/open area and I decided that since I had the camera with me I needed to take a few shots of Chloe.  She was getting toward the end of her happiness in a car seat period and was beginning to grouse about it, but she was happy to give Dad's camera a few smiles.  She really IS most excellent.
 This girl will forsake all other foods for berries...strawberries to be specific.  Strawberries, therefore, do not come out until the end of meals.  You would think these berries were heaven sent and full of awesome.
This leads me to this bit of strangeness.  I was sitting at the stop light waiting for my favorite colored light to come on when, to alleviate the boredom I was experiencing, I looked around.  You know, glancing at my fellow drivers.  Perhaps if making eye contact, to share that shrug that indicates, "Can you believe how long this light is taking?"  Instead I saw someone apparently handling a snake.  I did a double-take.  This is what I saw.
 If it is difficult to see, here is another photo.  Fortunately, I had my camera with me, otherwise you would be scoffing at my pathetic attempt at description.  What got me was she was apparently rubbing the steering wheel with her hair.  I don't think she was even conscious of it.  She was moving it around like it was a snake or a rope or...I don't know, it was just a bit strange.  The light turned green almost as soon as I got the camera out, so this is all I have.


SpunkyBookworm said...

Since the mullet in high school was the longest hair you've ever had, you have no idea what a girl is capable of when alone with her hair. Long haired girls tend to put it in our mouths, run our hair through it, twist it around our fingers, etc. Spy on Cora and see what she does while alone with her hair.

As usual, Chloe's adorable!

Lorrene said...

She is such a perfect little model. Do you show her the pictures you take of her?
These are perfect.

jade said...

I love Chloe's dress! And the pictures of course, but you know that already. As for strawberries: they ARE just the best, nice smile says it all!
I also have long hair, sometimes it is soothing to be able to hold it when braided but above all it takes some weight of your head/neck (I'm serious and not joking here) but I tie it up on the back of my head all the time since I have my children, it's way faster in the mornings.