Saturday, July 9, 2011

More China Photos You Have Not Seen

 Cora has been missing her husband.  You see, he got this new photo editing program last week and he has been editing photos all week whenever he gets to his computer.  He ignores emails and Facebook and Blogging...he loves his camera and his photo editing software.  I am still working out the bugs but a few are turning out well.  I have been going back through the pictures we took in China and I have been editing the ones I thought were good at the time but just did not pop when i looked at them on the computer...I think they just needed a little editing.

This last photo is of a store that occupied a lot of Cora's time in China (and a lot of her money).  This is where Cora bought a majority of Chloe's squeaky shoes here.  I also got a couple Mao medals, too.  Look closely and you can see the two of them shopping. 


Lorrene said...

Photo's are great. You will be wanting to back and take even more pictures.

jade said...

My favourite is the one with the bonsaï and second comes the one with the bikes - the last one is ust too frustrating, I know I can see Cora, but she is just to far away to see properly... Sometimes I'm glad I'm no good with taking pictures, at least I don't need to spend all my free time editing them! Hope you had a nice weekend, regards, Jade