Friday, February 11, 2011

Who Done It?

 Who gives me a wide smile when I walk in the door after a long day warping young minds?  Who reaches for me in a way she would not have done but three weeks ago?  Who laughs and giggles when I lift her up and twirl her around?  Who leaned her head on my chest yesterday, melting my heart?  Who follows me around the house, leaving her mother alone?  Who, once she crawls within reach of me, raises her hands up for me to grab her?  Who smiles at me when I come in and grab her in the morning?  Who steals my heart each and every day?

 It's this little girl.
 And she is growing and becoming our daughter day by day.  She is picking up some weight and opening up! She is beautiful!
I taught HS History today!  After the past week experiencing poor luck with elementary kids, it was an absolute godsend to teach History today.  The movie for a couple of the classes ran short so, rather then letting them yak, I gave them a short lesson on how China is a third world country striving for first world status.  I also told a bunch of stories about their driving and the food.  I might also have bragged about my daughter a little bit.  It was a good day!


Lorrene said...

I love the way she sticks her tongue out. It's just part of her cuteness.

SpunkyBookworm said...

To hear how much she's warming up to you and thriving just makes me melt. Your love for that little girl warms my heart so much. It reminds me how much love a parent has for his/her child. I say that because mine's 18, and when they become teens, our love changes somehow...or is that just me? It's called holding tight and trying to help them push away all at the same time!

Andrew D. Wells said...

awwww I miss my Chloe... I have been reading a few blogs with Maire on my lap today. She could care less about the pictures of all of these kiddos. but the minute I opened up yours, she did the "double take" and pointed to Chloe's picture "Baby" she said and smiled and clapped...I cried.

(from the ball and chain using Andy's computer)