Thursday, February 17, 2011


I have recently become aware of the magic of grins.  Grins can make the world fade.  Not just any grins, but those of my darling Chloe are priceless.  Everyday, she shows us more and more smiles and she is obviously happy here.  Lately, we have been seeing many more smiles and grins and hearing that throaty giggle/laugh that we have fallen in love with more often.  

Today, when I got home she was very happy to see me!  I did not want to go to work, since her laugh and her smiles are addicting, and I am an addict.  I cannot lie, I want to see more smiles on her face.  I can't stand to see her cry.  When she laughs all those endorphins kick in and I suddenly don't want to eat, I just want to make more smiles.  I can't control myself.  Seriously, this could be worse than when those idiots began snorting bath salts. 

I had a good day subbing music in a different district.  Some of the classes were a bit over the top, and I felt that trying to follow the lesson plan would just not work, so I had them practice being quiet.  Finally, I gave that up, though, and simply offered to tell them about China.  I figured it was more educational than yelling.  Amazingly, they quieted down to hear about lizards on a stick, and starfish, and turtles and frogs and live fish for food.  I also threw in that China has an enormous population.  I think a few might actually have caught that!

I got home and saw the most beautiful smile in the world.  I got to hold her and we got to play, which still involves testing her far all experiments point toward her reacting to gravity the same as everyone else...I was hoping for an Anti-Grav Kid, but I may have to keep working on that...

We spent a lot of time trying to get her to walk, feeding her, playing with name it, and it was after she was in bed that I realized I had spent SO much time with her, but not snapped a single picture of her today...I know, reality was beginning to tear apart, but I saved us all.  I snapped one of her in bed.  It is so funny to see her in her preferred sleeping position.  She is an awesome child...I find myself wanting to wake her for another hug, but then my brain kicks in...oh, well.

Also, I kinda figured that I would be in serious trouble if I posted to my blog without posting a photo of that beautiful little girl!

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jade said...

I'm addicted enough to come back every day to check the day's photo...