Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Good Day

 I had a good day.  I took my daughter...and my wife... for a shopping day.  Cora got to spend part of the day with her sister and I got to take care of my lovely daughter whilst they shopped.  Chloe and I walked through the mall and the bookstore and had some father/daughter time.  It was really nice.  She was bored by the books.  So, we walked around the rest of the mall.  I realized why I don't frequent the mall anymore:  I don't have enough tatoos (NONE).  Some of those people are just...well, you just have to think the mall is better than the trailer park.

So, the mall got to be a bit much, too much teenage hormones, so Chloe and I went out to the car, where she gave me, within minutes of our arrival, a lovely full diaper.  I know youa re going to say, "It's called parenthood," or "That's what you get for being a parent."  But, COME ON!!!  The diaper was bursting at the seams!  It is amazing things didn't just come right out!!

I have learned some things in the past month or so, like, place the clean diaper under the old one before opening the old one...just in case child decides to pee upon opening to fresh air.  Yeah, check!  I got it!  It never occurred to me that the diaper might be SO full that it might contaminate the new diaper!  Add to that a wiggler, and SHE IS! and WOW!  Trouble!  I managed to contain the contaminants, but not the horrible scent.  Still, the new diaper was...well, contaminated.  I then took semi-naked child on a search for plastic bags within the car.  That way we could contain the hazardous waste.  We finally found a bag and I managed to contain the worst of it.  Just as Mom and Aunt were departing the mall.  Lucky me.

Still, it was good to spend some time with my adorable daughter!  She is SOO sweet!  I mean, have a look!  In the picture above, she is trying some potato that Cora is giving her.  and below, she is sleeping like an angel!  
 Below this, is a view of the sunset we witnessed on the way home. I love my camera.  I love my wife.  I love my sister-in-law, and I love my daughter.  All is well!  I hope you have a happy weekend!  Oh, that's Mount Adams in the distance.


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

You ask for it and got it~

jade said...

Well, talking about nice posts! (oh and the Friday post was nice too, but I've only just read it now, so I am not commenting on both... though your dragon didn't look too upset in the picture - and I did learn something new with the smudge pots)
Lucky you and lucky women to have such a nice life with nice moments and yes, diapers almost overflowing are part of parenthood, but everyone goes through firsts in parenthood! So don't worry, you are not the only one having to go through this and those who claim they handled it better than you the first time, deserve overflowing diapers at every turn of the road! Hope you had a nice Sunday as well - regards from rainy Belgium