Saturday, February 5, 2011

Changsha Remembered, and Strange Names

 New Knighter Fashion Restaurant???  What the HELL?
Lady Gynecol that a hospital for people experiencing rashes from Lady Gynecol?  Just doesn't sound right...

Today, we had a good day.  We slept in, until what I thought was the alarm went turned out that Chloe had awoke and began playing her cuddle pal thingy, which plays music...I was even poking Cora to tell her to turn off the alarm before I knew it was our daughter.

We stayed around the house.  I went and got the mail, but that's as far from the house as I wandered.  My parents dropped by and they were all eyes for Chloe...which, I suppose is as it should be.  I introduced Chloe to the wonders of getting dizzy...she loved it!

And here are the photos you have all been waiting for....

you know you can't wait to see...



What kind of blog am I running here???

Yes, some more pictures from China!  I knew you wanted to see them!
 These buildings were in Changsha, I liked the patterns in them,
 and of course the fruit.  You should see the different fruits available at the Changsha Walmart.
 pretty apples.
 dragon fruit
 and below I think is breadfruit...but I'm not entirely sure and I am too lazy to look it up.
 this last photo is what I took to be the Chinese version of the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band Album cover...minus the left handed guitar.

oh, and here are a few OTHER photos.

You thought I'd forgotten, huh!?

Grandparents in action.
 and you all don't see the smiles we get every day...
 still, it's hard to get smiles when the camera comes out.

She is a beautiful girl and she is REALLY coming out into her own!  We are so in love with her...and she is taking to her daddy!  That makes ME smile.


Anonymous said...

She is so pretty!


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Tease! She's so teeny, but this bottom pic (different view than I've seen) makes me see she's got perfectly delicious cheeks!

Lorrene said...

I think the love goes both ways. She is a happy little camper.

I also enjoy your China pictures.

jade said...

The buildings are very interesting and the pictures of Chloe are cute as ever - I would not mind to see your and Cora's smiles a bit more often as well ...

SpunkyBookworm said...

I'm in love with the pic of your parents because the look on your mom's face is so happy! You can see how happy and proud they are of that little girl. Look at your dad leaning! I love these kinda pics!

Of course, Chloe's gorgeous too!!