Friday, February 18, 2011

All the Nice People

I want to thank all the nice people I have met at work, in the street, and on-line.  I am surrounded by wonderful people.  I can't ever repay the support, both psychological and financial, that all of you have offered over the years.  I can tell you that after a month of being a father, I am glad we did it.  I would not trade her for the world!

My daughter is like a party in small-human-clothes.  We did not have the best beginnings.  She did not like me that much.  I, of course, was helpless.  I could not help but fall in love.  I waited, and I was rewarded!  Lately, she has become a real daddy-fan!  She gives me a giant smile when I walk in the door from work.  She gives me a great big smile in the morning when I walk in to get her...that is WHEN CORA isn't there first.  Now I know why she doesn't mind getting up before eight now.

I love how she enjoys being picked up and swung around and after I put her down, she raises her arms for some more.  She likes being dizzy.  She likes motion.  She is unafraid.  I like that.  I think I will finally have someone to ride roller-coasters!  And someone who will enjoy flying!  We might charter flights together.  Maybe we'll get pilots' licenses together!!  I can't wait!!  We will scare ourselves together!!  IT WILL BE AWESOME!!  (Just don't tell Cora!)

On another note, she simply adores books.  I could not have planned this.  She is perfect for this family!  Some people don't hesitate to buy golf clubs, or car parts, or hunting stuff.  We like books.  We both do.  Always have.  When we have been pinching pennies and having to say no to little extras in the past, we always had difficulty saying no to more books.  Chloe LOVES books.  She grabs them and then sits in your lap to be read to.  She is perfect!

Her laugh is so addicting.  As is her smile.  Honestly, I want to hear it all the time.  Her laugh is sort of an inward giggle that accidentally escapes in these little spurts, and they brighten the room when they come out.  In fact, the colors get a little more intense and I see's like XTC...or is that Ecstasy...anyway, it's like a drug, and I can't get enough.

So, one month down, and I hope they never ever stop!  I am glad to be a dad.  I knew I was missing something awesome.  Now I am just glad I finally got in on it!

It's completely likely that you skipped all the prose to find the pictures, and I will not let you down.  Here are a few more shots of our little angel.

 I was reading her a book this morning...
 She loves peek-a-boo!  And when it involves her lovie...well, she is a happy camper!

 oh, and then she started wearing it as a hat...
 Below is just after Mom took her pony tail out...
 She also likes pictures...
 and she likes laughing.

I cannot think of anything else that makes me this happy!  She is spectacular!


jade said...

Spectacular indeed, I love the prose almost as much as the pictures, so I would not miss it! I can only wish you more of all this happiness, but also, for after a couple of months: don't forget about the woman your doing this parenting trip with (even though she tries to beat you at getting hold of your girl first): Chloe will only remain as happy as her parents, so please stay happy, together as well!

jade said...

I meant to add: try to make some time for the two of you together (without miss-getting-all-the-attention-because-she-deserves-it) and you'll enjoy it all even more! (yes yes it is possible you'll see). But I AM NOT SAYING you're not doing great, YOU BOTH ARE! (as far as I can judge based on your posts)

Charissa said...

Thanks for the abundance of pics!

SpunkyBookworm said...

I agree with Jade. Don't lose each other! Not trying to be poopers, but she's right.
On the bright side, my dad has a Cessna, and I'll ask him when he's going to Yakima next. Maybe you guys can fly! FB me if this sounds good to you!!

Anonymous said...

I love your way with words and the pics of Chloe!! I discovered Cora's blog through the article in the Seattle Times about her Grandmother's blog...have been reading and praying for you both ever since!

I was about Chloe's age when my Dad entered by life...he became an instant father of 2 when he met and married Mom when he was in his early 50s. I see a lot of us when I read your blog!

God bless you guys!!

Arlington, TX

Lorrene said...

She would be a perfect model for American Doll.
She is so perfect for you two. It's like she was custom made just for you and Cora.