Tuesday, February 8, 2011

If Only

If only we could somehow hook some battery cables to Chloe, we could power a small metropolis with all the energy in her.  Honestly, I think that would be helpful.  If we could drain her a little, she might be somewhat less work.

She is always on the go.  AND SHE REALLY prefers company.  She is happier if someone is on the floor with her.  And she really likes to retrieve books and have them read to her.  It doesn't matter whether you read the right words to her as long as you flip through the pages at the correct rate, which must be judged carefully, of she will turn the page for you.

Sometimes she will play on her own.  Still, she likes to venture off to far off places if you don't watch her.  This afternoon she had nearly made it to Norway.  I retrieved her just before she crossed the border.  I explained we don't have her new passport, yet.  She does not often see reason.  So she continues to make attempts.

She is a force to be reckoned with...and she follows Dad now, almost as often as she follows Mom.  Usually, she parks herself near my foot and gestures for me to pick her up, I suspect, for the ride she usually gets when I toss her up in the air.

 I stayed home today to be with my girls.  Cora seems to have come down with a cold, so she did not complain.
We went to town and got a few items, but not until after we stopped at a local school, my favorite school, where we received the appropriate oohs and ahhs.  We were going to stop in and visit my boss at the maintenance dept., but he was apparently not at work today...too bad, he missed out on a real cutey!  Maybe next time.

The angel is asleep...finally.  I think she could stay awake ALL night if we let her.


Erika B said...

Your little girl is stunningly beautiful. I checked in a few times while you were in China. So glad to hear that she is fine with both of you now. I know it's not easy when they pick just one when all you want to do is carry, hug and love. Sounds like you have your hands full. Hm, seems just like when we came home with our oldest almost 7 years ago.

Erika B

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Kid energy...harvest that and you will be a billionaire!!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is so beautiful - those eyes! Not sure if you noticed, but the photo with the package has name and address info on it! You might want to edit that. Hope you all feel better soon, Cathy