Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Doctor Visit

We visited the doctor today and got some shots, pokes, prods and a general going over.  The good news is: Chloe is perfect!!  (I had that one figured out weeks ago!)

The flabotomist   flawbottommost...person who took her blood was probably not the best of her trade, and granted that baby arms are probably tricky, but she just could not make it work.  Took two arms, and then dug around in the second like she was doing a cadaver...well, let me tell you, this girl feels pain!!!  She was in tears, and I think that it was all her Mommy could do not to smack that lady.  I was wondering when I should step in and accidentally jab a needle in that lady's arm call attention to her inability to do her job.  Finally they took about four gallons of blood out of my sweet little girl.  We were holding her down and the lady's helper was even having a hard time being supportive of her numbskullery!  Suffice it to say that Chloe's day was traumatizing!  Still, she came through it like a trooper!  I am so proud of that little girl!

We made it home later than anticipated, however, her Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt had extra servings of dinner waiting for us.  We did not have to make dinner after the long drive.  THAT was AWESOME!!  Also, today, Chloe tried some bread and a piece of baked potato, which really seemed to be a hit!

Did I mention our little girl got her fifth tooth in?  Yeah, came in a couple days ago.  She still likes to chew on very few items, but the toy in the picture is one of the few things she's tried.

We've been back nearly three weeks!  In that time Chloe has begun trying new foods, gotten a new tooth, and started standing on her own.  She is simply amazing.  She is a miracle.

Has our "agency" bothered to call or even e-mail to say, "Hi, how are ya doin'?" in that three weeks?  NOPE.  Not one little iota of support.  Not even a slight interest.  No sign that they even remember we exist.  If they ever call, I am tempted to explain that we sent Chloe back to China, but I doubt they'll call.  Plus, I try to be decent, even though they make me madder then hell.  If there is a God in the sky, he will visit upon them some sort of reckoning!  If not...well, life just isn't fair, and I have a problem with that. 


SpunkyBookworm said...

Well dear, I'm sorry I wasn't Chloe's phlebotomist, because I would have been so good, at least I think so, cuz I use a 15 gauge everyday, WHICH IS HUGE!!
Also, God IS in the sky, and He's enjoying watching you guys take care of the wonderful person you FINALLY have in your grasp, so who really needs reckoning? It's overrated.

Love watching the family through this!

Lorrene said...

She hurt that little sweetheart. I'm going over to that clinic and smack her myself.

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

I'd have been ready to jab that lady too. Next time make a big deal ahead of time for someone experienced with babies!!

Your agency still sucks and I think it's time for you to blast them!!! They can't touch you or your child!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't blame you for being up set on that needle punching Phebotomist, that's what Brandi does and we took Jesse to the ER and they did him the same way.She made them get someone else to do it or she said let me, they got some one else. you have that right.As far as that agency, I'm like Diana go ahead Blast them,People need to know how they treated you and you know they have done it to others.
I'm glad that Chloe went trough all of that, she is a TROOPER !!!! I'm glad she is taking on new foods, she has done so well,I new you would make the most AWESOME Parents :)

Anonymous said...

That letter from Anonymous up there is from Aunt Carol ,I forgot to put my name on it.Sorry ,I like for you to know who it's from
A. Carol.