Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chinese New Year and China Images, Until Now, Unseen.

Chloe suitably attired for Chinese New Year!  Darned kid didn't want to sit still for the photo-shoot.

Happy Chinese New Year!!  It is the year of the Rabbit now!!  Hurray!  Right now, everyone in China is either home with their families or would very much like to be.  

There was an article in the paper while we were there about some workers on a dam who had decided to remain at work for the extra money rather than go home for the new year.  That seems to be a rather modern idea, and is still rare among Chinese.  This is their time to go home, even if it means travelling hundreds of miles.  The snow storms that we encountered in Changsha had many worried about the travelers during the upcoming holiday, since at one point trains had to be stopped because of the snow.  Another article in the paper while we were there indicated that 600 had been arrested for scalping train tickets to holiday travelers.  This is a serious holiday for the Chinese.

In celebration of the holiday, I would like to share some images that I took while in China that I have not shared before.  Keep in mind I have somewhere over a thousand images that I took while there, of course, only a small percentage are of a quality that I will share.  They fall into several categories:  Artistic, documentary, portrait, daily life, and travel, among others, hence the fact that not all are worthy of attention.

These particular images have been chosen for being visually striking in some way, while in keeping with the Chinese they are the ones I have managed to load on my computer, many more await my attention on Cora's computer. 


Lorrene said...

Chloe looks so cute in her outfit.
Photos are great !!

Aunt Karen said...

Happy Chinese New Year! Chloe looks sooo HAPPY! Love the pictures.