Monday, February 28, 2011

Goodbye February

My darling daughter realized I had cologne on this evening and spent several seconds burying her nose in my chest.  You could hear her inhale loudly each time!  It was really funny.

She learned to ride her rocking horse today, too.

Cora made a delicious roast for dinner.  She took care of the kid all day long, managed to do some house work...AND made dinner!  I'm telling you, she is completely awesome!  You should have a look at what she did before 8AM this morning!

This is how the angel looked several days ago...cute, ain't she?


jade said...

Looking at the pictures of Chloe sleeping, I get the impression she is really feeling 100% at home in her new environment! Welcome March!

Anonymous said...

I think she likes her Pillow she sleeps on it every time and her lovie.
Aunt Carol