Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another Day, Another Giggle

Sitting here in the morning while I attempt to soak in some caffeine, it is not uncommon to hear the movements of Chloe on the baby monitor.  Often, we get a good laugh out of her apparent acrobatics and athletic attempts at hurling items from her crib, only to turn around and realize she REALLY liked those things in her crib moments later.  

She is a very happy little girl and all month long we have been treated to more and more of her giggles, chuckles, laughs, and grins.  The first few nights back, it was like we were putting her in solitary confinement the way she cried.  Then, about the third night there was much less crying and more playing.  Then giggles could be heard from the monitor.  She fancies herself a comedic genius the way she laughs at her own doings. I wish we had a video monitor at times for the simple fact that I'd like to see what the hell is so funny!

Last night her crib sounded like there was a war going on.  There were several impacts that just made us get up and check.  We KNOW we don't put anything really heavy in with her, but she must have been giving them a significant velocity to be getting noises like that!  I edged the door open and stuck part of my face in so I could see with one eye.  The night light illuminated the scene.  There in the fog created by the vaporizer, were two immediately visible casualties.  Then, as I watched, a third appeared.  All sprawled on the floor in sickening positions.  I saw movement in the crib and saw that the little lady was bending to retrieve more ammo.  I moved so Cora could see the devastation.  It was a sad, sad vision she saw:  Two stuffed pandas laying in un-natural contortions, their heads and bodies turned in painful cotton-stuffed spasms.  Two blankets lay collapsed on the floor, not moving.  A pillow lay leaning against the bed, it was in bad shape.  The seahorse was somewhere off in the haze, face down.  It was a sad sad sight.  

It seemed about that time that she realized she had thrown a prized possession out (her pink lovie) and she let out the beginnings of a cry.  We quickly relented and returned the lovie to her and lay her back down.  She rewarded us with a few more giggles and then promptly fell asleep.

She shows SO MUCH personality on a daily basis, personality may start leaking out from under the doors!  She loves to be pretty.  She loves to look at herself in the mirror.  She likes to play with the things in her hair, sometimes taking bows or ponytails out and then wanting them back in.  She loves the mirror.  Below, you can see her expression as Mom put a pony in her hair.  She seems to be saying, "You aren't doing it right, Mom!" with her eyes.

 About the mirror.  I put it up temporarily with velcro sticky know those 3M things.  I would have been sufficient if Little Miss had not seen it as her duty to remove the mirror from the wall every chance she got.  I was annoyed at having to yell at her whenever she tried.  So, Saturday, I remedied the situation by placing six screws into the frame of the mirror, attaching it to the wall more securely than necessary, but I wanted to send a message...and if she were more than seventeen months old, she might have gotten it!  She HAS given up on trying to remove the mirror though.  She still loves the mirror, especially when she knows you are watching, it seems.

Here is a photo I doctored.  It's not a masterpiece, but I thought it was a fun picture.

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