Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One Thousand!

Who knew that I would manage 1000 posts!  When I started this blog, it was to while away the time until we managed to adopt, and possibly as a way to keep family up-dated whilst we were in-country.  Then our wait stretched beyond what we ever expected.  I never posted a lot about the adoption...that is, until the adoption.

Now I post almost exclusively about the little wonder we call Chloe.  She defies descriptive words.  Those chains that are words are anchors that pull down on the awesomeness that is our little angelic gremlin.  She is a bundle of joy, but also of challenges and smiles and puppy-dog tails and sugar and spice and she might have a snail stuck in there somewhere.  She is everything.  She is a chatterbox, and yet she has these times of intense introspection.  She is a wild girl and yet she loves to cuddle.  She gets really happy and sometimes, when things are just not right, she gets really pissed off.  She is everything.  She is perfect.

So, after 1000 posts, what have I got to show for all the effort of keeping up a blog?  What?  Are you kidding?  I have 1000 posts!  1000 examples of awesomeness.  ...and a daughter.  I am not a fantastic writer, though I always enjoyed writing classes in college.  I am a fair photographer, not Ansel Adams or Edward Weston...but fair.  I am not a rich man.  No one is handing money to write...or take photos, really...but I do have a wonderful family and lots of friends.

In observance of 1000 posts, I drew this.  I'm not sure what it means...really, I just started out with the idea of a big number 1000 in the center...then it just got all crazy...do you see the T-rex has a birthday candle?  Yeah, I don't know where that comes in.

Right now I am listening to a little girl giggle at her own comedic genius.  She is talking to herself.  She is playing in a bag, rather than the awesome toy that came in it.  Whether she is playing in a bag, placing a plastic bowl on her head like a hat, or hugging a panda, or dog, or playing with the other cool toys she has found herself in ownership of, she is unendingly entertaining.  You just have to love this girl!

 By the way, Mike, Delores, she seems to like the whole bunch!!  The bag, however, was probably the best touch by Chloe's standards...just saying!  THANKS!!
Now, I need to check on dinner...something we froze a month or so ago...but neither of us remembers to pull them from the freezer in time for them to thaw.  Go figure.

I made some decent food this week.  First time I've felt up to really cooking.  Cora has done so frequently, but not me.  I made some pork stir fry and also battered and fried up some pork and threw it all together and made a decent meal.  I also made tacos...which isn't really cooking hard, but I worked hard for the stir fry and fried pork.  There I go, thinking with my belly, that seems like a pattern.

And with that the lights in my attic are beginning to fade.  Good night all, and I hope you enjoyed the first 1000 posts.


Lorrene said...

I noticed Toby getting close to her. Maybe he is having a change of heart and deciding she isn't such a bad thing after all.
Congrats on your 1000 post. Do I get a prize for being the first to read it?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your thousanth post! You're a great writer and an excellent photographer. I enjoy reading your blog and Cora's too.


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

She's so funny!!