Sunday, February 27, 2011

Let The Child Sleep!

For the love of Mike!  It took a VERY long time to put the child down today.  She was quite obviously tired, and would do naught but scream.  We went through everything in our arsenal and she finally succumbed, either to exhaustion or our force of will.  It was a tremendous and heroic fight.

Our next door neighbor passed away several months ago.  His house, a decrepit, decaying home from seven or eight decades ago, sat slowly dying beside ours awaiting someone who would buy it and either tear it down and start again or repair it.  We were secretly hoping for the former.  Unfortunately, the people who bought it, decided to fix it up.

It is not a happy home.  It has been added on to several times.  It has no foundation...or rather had no foundation.  It sags.  It has not been re-roofed for...well, I'm guessing it's 20 year roofing is about 20 years late for replacement.  It is not uncommon, after a stiff breeze, to find part of the house in our yard, generally, but not always, shingles from the roof.  It has not been painted for a very long time.  If it isn't leaded paint that flakes from it's leprous sides, it is not far removed from lead paint.  When electricity came to the world, it appears that the electrician added it to the exterior of the home, injecting sockets through the walls.  It is a sickly, Frankenstein's Monster of a home, with parts seemingly grafted upon it without thought for aesthetics or things such as matching.

The people who bought it are fixing it.  SLOWLY.  They work at it seven days a week.  And lately they have been noisier and noisier.  They seem to have succeeded in their attempt to squeeze a foundation under it, but continue to work on that monstrosity that somehow maintains it's house costume.  They continue to work.  Noisily through nap time.

While Chloe is a sound sleeper, it nevertheless worries me that they might wake that little angel that happens to be blessed with a wicked set of lungs.  So, kindly LET THE CHILD SLEEP!!!


Cora said...

I wish they would take a siesta!

Lorrene said...

Look at those little tiny feet. Makes you wonder how something as small as she is, make so much noise. I know you love the little pooper with the loud voice box.