Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So, I have been waking up at about 430am and I usually get up at 500am.  That extra little half hour is kicking my buttocks!  I went to bed early last night but still woke up early.  Rather than wait for the alarm i get up, since the alarm will just pull me from a great dream.

The heat has been nice.  I guess I may be part reptile. Still, even reptiles seek the shade.  I have done the same.  Especially at work.  We have been making progress at work.  Still have to poke Twinky with a stick to make him move.  Apparently that is why I am losing one of my better workers for two days to help someone else...because I have to be kept with Twinky poking him to make him work.

I bought a D90 book yesterday!  Hurrah!  I know I am going to love that camera...I'll most likely sleep next to it and it will go everywhere with me and I will name it George and I will hug him and squeeze him.  Oh, what a camera!!

Well, i have to get moving.  Another grueling day working in the hot sun.  Gotta love it!


Lorrene said...

Don't forget to show us the new Naumes sign. You already take great pictures.

Cora said...

Yes, he does take good pictures but he keeps telling me they will be better with a D90. He says a D90 will make me skinny and take away my aches and pain and a D90 will pick the winning lotto numbers for us and make my dreams come true. I think he should have been a salesman.