Monday, June 7, 2010

Blogging From The Back Yard

Is it Bad?  I'm sitting nursing a beer and resting after putting siding on the shed.  Here, See?  Proof!
I also took this one.  I like the reflections...
So, I did not have a sub job today.  That's ok, I have plenty of things to do around here.  For instance, fold clothes.  I did.  Does anyone know how monotonous it is to fold those horrid clothes?  I got to a place where I could see couch under the laundry and that's when I gave up.

I went out and took a bunch of garbage to the dump.  Mostly it was boxes we've been storing in the shed for years.  But it was also a ton of sheet rock that the builders left in the wasn't in the best condition and it kept my new door from opening all the way.  So, I got rid of it.

The day would have been more constructive, but my morning was fouled.

Toby was excited that I was working outside.  I opened the back gate so I could back the truck in.  He rushed past me, I assumed to pee on things.  When i turned back, he had gotten in the cab through the opened driver's side door.  I unloaded the ladders that i hauled around for a week and then began loading garbage in...he was still there.  Waiting for a ride.

I finished and we got going.  I decided he could go with me, since he obviously REALLY wanted to go for a ride.  I got within blocks of the dump and felt for my wallet...not there!  ARGH!

I turned around and went back to the house and rushed in for my wallet.  I got it and off we went again.  I got to the dump and was just getting ready to pull onto their scale when I noticed a little pink sign:  CASH ONLY.  There were some muttered expletives, which Toby kindly ignored and I made an emergency U-turn and headed for town...I arrived at the bank and realized I had a check to deposit and so i did that AND got some cash.

I made it to the dump again.  This time all went smoothly and I got rid of everything.  I came home and tried to work in the house's a beautiful day here...see:
  So, I thought about what I could do outside...then I remembered the shed.  I decided that I could at least clear off the side and hammer in nails and take of pieces of wood that were in the way.  I ended up taking pieces off that would allow the neighbor hood strays direct access to the innards of my shed.  So, I decided I could get the first layer on.  Then, I decided I could get the second on and leave the rest for a time i had extra help...then I remembered there was laundry awaiting my return.  I decided I could probably get the last bit, too.

Toby, all this time, had accompanied me everywhere.  When I was in the alley, he stayed close by...only straying further afield to pee on things.  More than a few times I looked down from the ladder to see him sunbathing just a few feet away.  As far as working at home goes, it was a pretty good day!

This is the before picture:
Here are a few shots of the siding as it went up.
 Looks better already, huh?
Looks pretty darned good, I think!  I remembered a few tricks I learned from my Grandpa (and my Dad) to position out-sized things, like siding, with only one person available.  I think he'd be pretty proud to know I picked up a few things from him.

Now, I really should get up and finish that laundry and maybe get moving on dinner...

Here is proof that Toby sunbathes:
 His belly gets sunburned during the summer because he spends so much time in the sun!  He is truly a SUN DOG!

Until next time!


Kelly said...

I can see why you love that dog so much!

ccd said...

But, didn't Cora help with the back? Does she get credit, or are we to believe it got done again in sunshine instead of rain? Your Back-side looks good though, (though not your backside) Good work! Love you bro ;] Got those cars on CL yet?