Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Returns!

So, one of my main goals was to sell the cars.  Or at least get them posted on Craig's List...still haven't done that...but I have a few hours before the weekend is officially over.  These, after all, will fund my camera purchase!  Anyone want a car?  Or perhaps they just want to continue viewing stunning images on the internet?  You can be a part of it, simply by putting a twenty dollar bill in the mail and addressing it to me!  I promise to take TONS of pictures!
Here are yet more flowers...I hope you people don't tire of them, because I never tire of taking them...we have some pretty flowers!
I cleaned out the shed and found our camping stuff.  It was something of an adventure, though particularly dusty.  I must have sneezed a hundred times.  I cleaned out some empty boxes we have been keeping, you know, you make a new purchase and keep the box just in case?  We do too.  Except we keep them for years since we forget about them in the shed...oops.

I found the camping stuff.  It was...dusty.  We had food in there...canned stuff, it isn't as though we kept bread in there...from 2006.  Still, we cleaned it out and cleaned the camping stuff and I think we are going to be ok!!  Our camping trip to the beach is gonna rock!  I can't wait!  Our plan is to do what we want.  The dogs are going and we just plan on sitting around roasting marshmallows and reading and drinking coffee and being lazy.  We'll play on the beach.  We'll fly kites and I might use my metal detector and we're just gonna relax!  it's been four years since we went camping last!

I made dinner tonight.  It was chicken.  Cora suggested it.  I barbecued it after slicing it in half and seasoning it with a variety of spices.  I sliced up a bell pepper and grilled the whole batch.  I then made a salsa/relish with red onion, some long green pepper, Cilantro, and tomato, with a little cumin thrown in with the lime juice.  We threw those on an onion bun and it made a really nice dinner!!
Here's the salsa...
It was YUMMY!!

Now, I need a job...but this is the last full week of school, and unless there are some completely horrible disasters, I don't expect that I will be working much...though I hope I WILL!!!

Any photos of our trip will be via our paltry Canon Elph...which I love, but it ISN'T a DSLR!!  :-)

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