Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This M1 Abrams was parked outside Toys R Us several months ago.  I got Cora to let me get this photo with my phone before we headed home.  60 tons of Marine fury!  They are a solid tank.  I have had the opportunity to get inside one.  Back when I was still a teenager my best friend and I were out "cruising" and saw one parked behind the Sunnyside Safeway...the crew warmed up the night vision optics and we targeted the freeway overpass a mile away! 

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ccd said...

Hey, shmow, I was with you too! Of course you wouldn't remember that would you? Your 5.5 yrs younger sis. I remember that very vividly. It was -tight- in there. They were very nice to let us in. Very cool!