Friday, June 11, 2010

Mr. Roberts

"C and E and S divisions and all pharmacist mates will air bedding today!! Positively."

Mr. Roberts may be the finest, most comfortable movie I have watched.  I can nearly quote it word for word, and I have not watched it with the frequency I once did for years.  Today, cleaning house, I needed an extra pick me up to help me work on the house, so I turned on Mr. Roberts.

"Now hear this, Now hear this.  Because another cigarette butt has been found in the container of the captain's palm tree, there will be no movies again tonight.  That is all."

Now, Cora has seen it once or twice, but she does not seem to appreciate it for its greatness.

"We missed you when you went on watch last night.  I gave young ensign Pulver a drink of alcohol and orange juice and it inspired him to relate further amorous deeds of his."

It has several big names from yesteryear.  Henry Fonda, William Powell, Jack Lemon, and James Cagney.  the movie relates a side of World War II (and any war) rarely spoken of, except, perhaps M*A*S*H*.  It's the story of the men NOT on the front line, those whose battles are with their commanding officers or themselves.

I highly recommend it to everyone!!

"Sweepers, man your brooms.  Give her a clean sweep down, fore and aft.  Sweep down all ladders and passage ways.  Do not throw trash over the fan tail."

I REALLY want to go to the beach!!  I think it is nearly time for a vacation!

"Something wrong Doc?"

"Nothing, but stay out of B-29s Frank my boy!"

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Cora said...

I hope it actually inspired you to get up and get going! I am not going to take a floating appendix as an excuse!!! That is all.